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This online escape room is ideal for companies to get a nice team outing, even in these bizarre times. The escape room consists of a lot of interaction, requires teamwork and a strong mutual communication.

The story

On January 14, Beau disappears without a trace. Her family faces a great mystery. What happened to their beloved Beau and more importantly, where is she now? The police does not seem to get any further in the investigation. Her mother, Sylvia, is very worried and asks for your help. Search together for clues, solve puzzles and riddles and who knows, you might unravel the mystery!

How to play?
  1. fill in the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible
  2. Once the date and amount of teams is set, we create a personal code for you.
  3. You may forward this email to all players, so that they can start the game from the comfort of their own location.
  4. Make sure that all teams are on a communication platform such as Zoom, Teams or Google meet, so that they can communicate with each other throughout the game.

  5. Ready! Have fun!!
How does it work?

The escape room can be played online and remotely. So it is not required to be together in the same room. It is a full evening program of approximately 1 to 3 hours. Make teams of 2 to 5 people. It is possible to play with more teams at the same time. This allows you to compete against each other. Which group knows best how to work together and solve the mystery first? 

Now in Dutch and in English!



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